Zondag 27 augustus – International Biodanza Wageningen – Orientation Workshop

This is the start of International Biodanza Wageningen by Thea Mulders (student in supervision)

The word Biodanza means “Dance of Life”. It’s a great way of contributing to your health and pleasure in Life. Rolando Torro Arenda created the system in the 60s in Chile. Now people in 40 countries all over the world dance Biodanza. The system is using dance and wonderful music from all over the world,  like jazz, blues, classical etc.  We dance alone, together and with the group. All dances have there own speciality; some are slow,  vital, soft, or rhythmical  and all with their own meaning.  Biodanza is about dancing your own dance, meeting others in the dance and experiencing the feeling. The focus is with biodanza on the healthy part of your being. Biodanza is not about the right dance, it is about your own dance in the here and now. Everyone who likes dancing can do Biodanza. Come and experience it yourself and join us on this wonderful experience!

Verzorgd door: International Biodanza Wageningen
Locatie: Thuis, Stationsweg 32 Wageningen
Tijd: starting 20.00 and finishing around 21:30
Aanmelden: info@IBWageningen.nl or phone Thea Mulders 0622721084
Meer informatie: More info at www.IBWageningen.nl.
Volgende data

In augustus starten we met orientatie workshops op 6, 13, 27 augustus

Start van wekelijkse groep in September. Stuur alvast een mail of bel om je op te geven!

International Biodanza Wageningen (english) in THUIS Stationsstraat 32 Wageningen

In july we will enjoy our holidays and in august we will start up our orientation workshops (6, 13, 27)  The weekly group will start in september again.We start at 20.00-21.30.

For info or to sign up look at www.IBWageningen.nl , call Thea at 0622721084 or send mail to info@IBWageningen.nl